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Fall Flowers: Pacific Merchants’ Flower Arrangement Tutorial

Friday, November 8th, 2013

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With both Thanksgiving and winter holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start decorating.  I love creating my own floral arrangement when I entertain; yes it takes a lot prep work, but it totally doubles as a de-stresser and I even look at flower arranging as a little “me time” while I’m going crazy trying to prepare.  As they say…stop and smell the roses! I sure did when I was making this floral centerpiece.

One of my coworkers taught me a really cool arrangement trick during our last Pacific Merchants photo shoot, and I want to share it with you.  We wanted a shorter, fuller arrangement so we decided to style our flowers in one of our Mason Cash Classic Cane Mixing Bowls.  In this DIY tutorial I used our size 30 mixing bowl so that the flowers spill over the bowl a little bit, making for a dramatic and luscious table centerpiece.

Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowl

Mason Cash Mixing Bowl Flower Arrangement

Here’s what you’ll need:


-Clear tape, or seasonal washi tape

-Scissors (preferably a stronger pair that can cut through flower stems)

-A bowl or wide mouthed jar (I suggest our Classic Cane Size 24 Mixing Bowl, our Acacia Wood Bowls or our 1L Open Storage Crock. Really, the beauty of this technique is that any kind of bowl works! This is a great opportunity to get creative.)

Mason Cash Floral Arrangement Pacific Merchants Blog

1. Pick out some flowers!  I went to my local florist and hand selected all the flowers to use in my centerpiece.  I opted for a mix of late fall/early winter colors to complement the recent change in seasons.  I also added some greens, eucalyptus in this case, to fill in some of that extra space and give a cooler feel to counter all the warm colors. Eucalyptus has a nice and gentle scent to it and dries really well. If you want to keep things lower budget, focus on one or two eye-catching flowers and lots of small, cheap filler flowers and greens. As long as the colors look nice together, even the cheapest flowers look incredible. I love Trader Joe’s for their reasonably priced flowers.

Mason Cash Mixing Bowls

Pacific Merchants Mason Cash

2. With your tape of choice (I used washi so you can better see what I’m doing!) start creating a grid across the bowl. This will help you place flowers and keep them in place.  Alternatively, use floral foam, which you can most likely find at your local craft store.

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Mason Cash Mixing Bowls Fall Flower Arrangement

Pacific Merchants Trading Company Mason Cash

3. Time to style your flowers!  I generally try and go for a balanced arrangement in color, size, shape, and placement of flowers.  For any beginners out there, here are ten tips on flower arrangements, brought to you by the one and only Martha Stewart (.com).  The only downside of using colored tape is that sometimes it shows through if you don’t pack your flowers in tight enough, or if the tape folds over the edge of the bowl too much.  You can definitely hide the tape with flowers, but just a reminder to keep an eye out!

Mason Cash USA

Pacific Merchants Trading Company Blog

Mason Cash Classic Cane Mixing Bowl Flower Arrangement

4. Bask in the colors, scents, and glory of your arrangement.  It’s such a treat for me to create something like this; it really helps me wind down after a busy day!  It takes some creative energy, but it’s an indulgent and relaxing process.  These centerpieces make great gifts as well, especially for those who love to cook and bake;  Our bowls are a staple for any serious kitchen when it’s not full of beautiful flowers! It’s a gift that does double-duty.

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Have a great weekend, folks.

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