The Small Business With Big Expectations Of Quality, Value And Sustainability

Pacific Merchants is a family owned small business selling high quality and stylish products since 1992. We sell to retailers, fine hotels, restaurants and online direct to the consumer. Quality, outstanding value and sustainability are core values of our company. We offer several types of products including:

  • Acaciaware sustainable acacia wood salad bowls, serving bowls and serving trays.
  • Wooden cooking spoons and spatulas imported from France.
  • Designer placemats made in the USA and available in modern, aesthetically pleasing fabrics.

Choose Acaciaware Acacia Wood Bowls, Serving Bowls And Wooden Appetizer Trays For Charcuterie

All of our serving bowls, serving trays and acacia wood plates are hand made and hand carved from one solid piece of wood. Acaciaware wooden salad bowls will not crack or chip. A beautiful Acaciaware large acacia wood salad bowl is an inexpensive luxury If you're looking for the perfect gift for your loved one to show them how much you care, you might want to consider an acacia wood bowl set. An acacia wood serving bowl is a great gift because all acacia wood bowls are one of a kind. You won't find two acacia wood fruit bowls with the exact same design. They are made by hand with nothing but love and care. You'll also find that Acaciaware acacia wood bowls, unlike other gift items, are very affordable. This is because they're made of natural, simple materials. Acacia wood appetizer trays are perfect for serving charcuterie, used as a cheese tray or can be used as an ottoman tray. Acaciaware acacia wood dinner plates and acacia wooden charcuterie plates are a wonderful way to warm up your dining room table. Square acacia wooden plates are fabulous for serving appetizers such as charcuterie cheese plates and sushi. Acacia wood plates and trays are naturally beautiful, adding warmth to any breakfast, lunch or dinner table.

Woods From France Cooking Spoons, Spatulas And Culinary Tools

Wooden spoons are made in France and a more traditional and eco-friendly option to use in the kitchen. Wooden spoons will not scratch non-stick pans. Beechwood and olive wood are natural materials that are renewable and sustainable, unlike plastic or metal, which are potentially dangerous when heated. Wooden cook spoons are also made from a more forgiving material and can be left in the pot without heating up. Metal and plastic can heat and become dangerous. Wooden spoons are also more durable and can last longer than plastic spoons, which can melt and break. Wood cook spoons are a more traditional, eco-friendly option to use in the kitchen.

Made In USA Placemats

Besides being decorative, placemats help protect a wood table from moisture, heat, dings and scratches. Pacific Merchants sells place mats made in the USA from premium materials. Modern placemats in modern designs will add to your kitchen table or dining room dinner parties. These table mats are attractive for indoor dining but also durable for 24/7 outdoor patio use. You will find Pacific Merchants designer placemats used in the finest hotels and restaurants in the United States. Having a stylish placemat is an easy way to elevate the look of your dinner table. Pacific Merchants place mats can be purchased in a variety of colors and patterns. Many options are available and there is sure to be a style that will complement your home décor. One of the most popular styles is one with a woven basket weave pattern, which can add modern and attractive ambience to your dinner party.
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