Healthy Taco Salad Without Tortilla Chips Or Cheese.

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Serve Meals in Acacia Wood Bowls

This 7 minute video will take you on a journey to make a nutritious and flavorful taco salad without traditional chips or cheese. You'll start out with fresh ingredients selected for flavor, vibrant colors and taste. Once your tasty salad is combined, we'll serve it up in a beautiful acacia wood bowl.

Finally, enjoy the beauty and flavor of our healthy taco salad in a beautiful acacia wood bowl. Serving food in acacia wood bowls is a great choice for anyone looking for a stunning presentation. Acacia wood has a unique and rich color which can be used to either contrast or complement the food being served. Acacia wood bowls are also extremely durable and long lasting, and can be used for serving both hot and cold dishes. 

The wood characteristic of Acacia wood is similar to that of Teak wood, but it’s significantly more affordable. The wood is also naturally bacteria and stain resistant, making it a great material to use in the kitchen. Besides the esthetic appeal, Acacia wood bowls are also lightweight and easy to handle. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply using the bowl for everyday dining, the bowls are a convenient way to serve food. Overall, Acacia wood bowls are a great option for those looking for a visually appealing and durable serving dish.

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