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24 products found. Showing 13 - 24
24 products found. Showing 13 - 24

The Enduring Acacia Wood Bowl

There are many sturdy and durable wood salad bowls on the market, but acacia wood bowls are one of the best options. Acacia wood bowls come in many shapes and sizes and are the perfect wooden serving bowl for any occasion.

Calabash Salad Bowls Are Great For Serving & The Perfect Addition to Any Kitchen

Large wooden salad bowls are perfect as salad serving bowls, wooden fruit bowls, big salad bowls for pasta, and other foods. Acacia is a material that makes nice acacia bowls for food. Big wooden bowls are perfect as a Cesare salad bowl and other salad serving bowls. Wooden salad bowl sets are an appreciated wedding gift, on brides registry, house warming gifts and wooden fruit bowl for the kitchen counter.

Acacia Wood is Highly Renewable & Sustainable

As the world grows more conscious of the importance of sustainability, many consumers are looking for eco-friendly products made from sustainable materials. Acacia wood is one of the most popular sustainable materials on the market, and acacia is a top choice for sustainable furniture, flooring, and consumer products like acacia wood salad bowls, acacia wooden fruit bowls for the kitchen counter, or wood serving trays.

Acacia wood fruit bowl

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