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Acaciaware™ - Acacia Wood Trays, Plates, & Serving Sets

Acaciaware™ serving trays and plates are handcrafted from one solid piece of acacia hardwood. This means the acacia wooden tray or serving plate will not crack or fall apart. The tight wood grain of acacia wood means the wood repels liquids and will not stain. Acacia wooden trays are attractive and work well as ottoman trays.

Acacia Wood is Highly Renewable & Sustainable

As the world grows more conscious of the importance of sustainability, many consumers are looking for eco-friendly products made from sustainable materials. Acacia wood is one of the most popular sustainable materials on the market, and acacia is a top choice for sustainable furniture, flooring, and consumer products like acacia wood salad bowls, acacia wooden fruit bowls for the kitchen counter, or square charcuterie serving tray.

Acaciaware charcuterie tray

The Acacia Tree's Rate Of Growth

The acacia tree grows rapidly, with a reported growth rate of up to 24 inches per year. They are able to achieve this growth due to their deep taproots which help them access moisture and nutrients deep in the soil. Additionally, their leaves are adapted to store water, allowing the trees to survive in arid conditions. Acacia trees provide food and shelter for many animals. The rapid growth rate of the acacia tree makes it an ideal choice for sustainable forestry. When managed properly, acacia plantations can provide a renewable source of wood with minimal impact on the environment. Additionally, the use of acacia wood helps to reduce pressure on other threatened forests.

Acacia tree is sustainable

The Tenets Of Sustainable Forestry: What Does Sustainable Forestry Mean?

  • Harvesting rates and clearing sizes do not exceed a forest's natural capacity to regenerate.
  • Maintaining natural forest conditions needed for wildlife and healthy ecosystems to function.
  • Protecting and maintaining rare, threatened, and endangered species and forest types.
  • Not clearing forests or replacing them with barren tree plantations.
  • Minimizing or eliminating chemical use.
  • Protecting streams and rivers from soil erosion that degrades water quality and fish habitats.
  • Helping workers, communities, and indigenous people benefit from the forestry operation, and protecting their rights and interests.

Why Acaciaware?

Acaciaware is hand crafted. Each bowl is hand turned from one solid piece of acacia hardwood, not small pieces of wood glued togther. Acaciaware has been sold to consumers, caterers, restaurants and hotels for over two decades. The hard grain of Acaciaware repels penetration by liquids, will not stain or pick up odors like garlic or onions. Acaciaware can handle moderate heat but cannot withstand hot pans or baking dishes taken directly from the oven.  Acacia wood is not dishwasher or microwave safe.

Grain comparison

Acaciaware is Easy Care!

Simply wash the item with warm soapy water and air dry. If your acacia wood salad bowl, appetizer serving tray ever appears dry, treat it with mineral oil and the grain will be restored to its original beautiful condition. Not dishwasher or microwave safe.

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