Beechwood Spoons

Shop our new line of Beechwood and Olivewood wooden spoons and instantly take your culinary, dining, and entertaining experience to the next level. Pacific Merchants is now offering the same wooden kitchen tools and cooking utensils used by Julia Child and other great chefs around the world. Each of our Beechwood and Olivewood spoons are made in France where they are lovingly handcrafted to standards of unsurpassed quality.

For centuries wooden spoons and wooden cooking utensils have been preferred by chefs for their numerous advantages. Unlike metal or plastic, a wooden spoon can be left in the pot without the risk of melting, burning your hand, or ruining a temperature-sensitive dish. A wooden kitchen utensil will not change the taste of acidic foods the way metal will. Wooden spoons, such as our 18" heavy spoon are incredibly durable and can be used to stir thick batters for easy cake baking and other recipes, while at the same time gentle enough to scrape out every last morsel of food without scratching the bottom of a pan (wood utensils are non-stick safe).

Wooden spoons are versatile! Treat yourself to a utensil set of our top quality corner spoons, slotted spoons, regular wooden spoons, and wooden spatulas in sizes ranging from 8” to 22” for almost every dish imaginable. Pacific Merchants’ assortment of French kitchen cooking utensils includes small wooden spoons, large wooden spoons, and everything in between. Left-handed? Not a problem, check out our left-handed wooden corner spoons and wooden spatulas.

Find specialized spice spoons, condiment spoons, Acacia serving utensils, and Boxwood olive spoons. You can also check out our cutting boards, cheese paddles, specialty woods, and Acaciaware to create the perfect gift set for your loved ones.

Beechwood and Olivewood cooking spoons are easy care! Simply wash your kitchen utensil with warm soapy water and allow to air dry. Restore your wood utensils to their satiny finish by treating them with a little mineral oil or beeswax compound. Not microwave-safe.

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