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Stir Spoon 13" long x 2.3" Wide

Stir Spoon 13" long x 2.3" Wide
Stir Spoon 13" long x 2.3" Wide

Stir Spoon 13" long x 2.3" Wide


SKU: OW330

Olivewood Stir Spoon, 13" long x 2.3" wide

Introducing the Italian Olivewood Stir Spoon: Your Best Tool for Cooking in the Kitchen.

When it comes to cooking, having the right tools can make a world of difference. So if you’re a passionate home-cook, the Italian Olivewood Stir Spoon is the ideal cooking utensil to purchase. Crafted from luxurious, Italian olivewood, this gorgeous kitchen addition is an absolute must-have and will last a lifetime!

The Italian Olivewood Stir Spoon is 13 inches in length and 2.3 inches in width, giving you plenty of leverage when stirring your ingredients. With a flat head, this cooking spoon is the perfect tool for stirring soups, sauces, and stews. The beveled edges of this spoon prevents the accumulation of food particles, ensuring that you’re always stirring with a clean utensil. You can also use the flat head of this spoon for leaping vegetables and flipping pancakes.

In addition to its superior durability and functional design, the unique texture and sturdy build of this spoon will perfectly blend in with the rest of your kitchen equipment.

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