SPOON 13" Long x 2.3" Wide

SPOON 13" Long x 2.3" Wide
SPOON 13" Long x 2.3" Wide

SPOON 13" Long x 2.3" Wide


SKU: OW332

Italian Olivewood Cooking Spoon

This unique cooking spoon is handmade from beautiful Italian olivewood. Its slim design is perfect for stirring soups and sauces, perfect for sautéing vegetables, and ideal for dish-serving. Measuring 13” long x 2.3” wide, this spoon gives you precisions control over the food you’re cooking.

The olivewood is renowned for its durability and strength, so you can be sure that this item has been built to last. Also, the natural grains of the wood give this cooking spoon a unique look that you can’t find in a store-bought product.

An excellent choice for those who take pride in their cooking, this olivewood cooking spoon is sure to elevate your cooking experience. Buy today and make a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

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