Natural Soy Candles

  • Hand-made in USA with love from Southern California.
  • Wooden bowl is usable after the candle has finished burning.
  • Our Acaciaware hardwood bowls are completely food safe!
  • Wax is made from natural, biodegradable, and sustainable soy wax.
  • Natural soy wax has no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants.
  • Food-safe Acaciaware bowl is reusable after candle has finished burning.
  • Available unscented and scented. Scents are made from essential oils.
  • Wooden bowl is made from sustainable, responsibly forested acacia hardwood

Acaciaware™ candles are hand made in California USA from a natural, clean-burning soy blend wax (FDA approved). All Acaciaware™ bowls are food safe and made from responsibly forested acacia hardwood. The Acaciaware™ bowl container is a usable gift after the candle has finished burning. To remove the soy wax we suggest running the candle under hot water so the oily wax will soften and allow for easier removal.

Acaciaware™ candles are not any more of a fire hazard than a regular candle. This is because the wax runs out before the flame can reach the bottom and there is a metal plate under each natural cotton wick that also protects the wood. The natural cotton wick does not have a metal wire core that can become red-hot in other candles.

Acaciaware™ candles are handmade and that's always the charm of the Pacific Merchants Acaciaware™ line! As such, the fill level, shape, size, natural grain and color of the wood container will vary from piece to piece.

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