Mortar & Pestle

Small Mason Cash Mortar & Pestle, 2.75" x 4.5" (0.15qt)
Price: $36.49
Unavailable, Coming Soon!
Large Mason Cash Mortar &Pestle, 3.5" x 6" (0.5qt)
Price: $49.49
Unavailable, Coming Soon!

Another unique and famous Mason Cash kitchen tool is the Mason Cash mortar & pestle sets. The Mason Cash Mortar and Pestle is the simplest and best way of grinding and crushing herbs and spices. It is a classic design that is based on the original high quality models produced over 200 years ago. No wooden parts to absorb flavor or stains. The special matt finish inside and on the pestle enables improved crushing and grinding.  Natural white cream color, the glazed exterior finish prevents finger marks and makes it easy to clean. With a wider than usual pestle is easier to use than a conventional one - just easy circular movements of the wrist are required.  The Mason Cash mortar pestle is highly collectable (when you can find them) and are considered the world's finest!

Mason Cash handcrafted British ceramics from Pacific Merchants can be traced back to Derbyshire, England, circa 1800. The nostalgic feel of the Mason Cash pottery “white and cane” glazed earthenware gives a special flavor to whatever you’re whipping up in the kitchen. Cooking icons like Julia Child and Martha Stewart have regularly used Mason Cash mixing bowls and pudding basins. Even the Queen of England and British household rely on Mason Cash pudding basins for Christmas pudding gifts—a venerated English tradition (see recipe for a traditional Christmas pudding).