Kilner Clip Top Jars

Preserve your homegrown fruit and vegetable harvests with a dependable kitchen classic. With a history dating back to 1840s England, Kilner jars have been a trusted choice of generations of European families for canning goods at home. The Kilner clip-top jar is a tried-and-true favorite featuring a glass lid with metal clip and rubber ring, which makes for easy sealing and opening. The “Kilner Jar” is so popular it is a generic term in England much like “Mason Jar” in the United States.

The popular Kilner cliptop jars come in both round and square shapes. Each glass jar is finished with an orange rubber seal. These glass jars are great for kitchen storage. Their seal is airtight and waterproof, making Kilner the ideal glass storage container for storing a whole range of dry foods. Because they come in sizes ranging from 70ml spice jars all the way up to huge 3-liter jars, they’re also wonderful for spice storage, kitchen gadget storage, and home organization. The jars are perfect for the preservation of fruits, jams and pickles, as well as for canning tomatoes.

    • Ideal for bottling fruits and preserving pickles and vegetables.
    • Clear glass body won't absorb odors.
    • Kilner logo embossed on front.
    • Kilner jars also make wonderful home storage containers.
    • Glass lid with hinged metal clip and rubber ring for creating an airtight seal.
    • Also ideal for storing rice, sugar and flour.
    • Dishwasher safe.

Whether you’re using your Kilner clip top canning jars for food preservation, as jars for storage, or as dry food storage, you’re sure find that the luxury, bubble free glass and sturdy orange rubber seals of our Kilner clip top jars will hold up to the job.

Preservation is not only the fastest growing food trend in the United States, it is a  fun, economic and environmentally friendly ways to use your garden fruits and vegetables.  Fruit picked at the height of the season yields the freshest, purest flavors—and the resulting preserves are all the more rewarding. Whether you grow fruit in your own backyard or chose the ripest fruit from your local farmers market, Kilner canning jars are ideal for preserving the flavors of the season. Learn “how to can” with Kilner’s library of canning recipes.

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