Fermenting Crock with Lid and Weights, 10 Liter

Fermenting Crock with Lid and Weights, 10 Liter
Fermenting Crock with Lid and Weights, 10 Liter

Fermenting Crock with Lid and Weights, 10 Liter

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Featured on our "Sauerkraut" blog post.

Naturally fermenting vegetables is not only an age-old way of preserving food, it's the best way to make tangy sauerkraut, spicy kimchi, and even sour pickles. Naturally fermented foods are not only tasty, they're full of probiotics and incredible for your health. Ready to crock and roll? Making sauerkraut in these traditional fermenting crocks is as simple as cutting or shredding cabbage, salting it and weighing it down with included weights. Add in healthy, natural bacteria and a little time and in a few short weeks, you'll be rewarded with delicious sauerkraut, tasty kimchi and tangy pickles.

  • Fermenting Crocks are handcrafted from dense, heavy stoneware
  • Weights designed to fit the fermentation pot are included
  • We've got incredible recipes for fermenting on our blogs. We also include a helpful information sheet with each order of a pickling crock.
  • Fermenting crocks are kitchen multitsakers- ideal for making traditional fermented pickles, kombucha, or even curing olives.
  • 10 Liter, 2.64 Gallon, 15" x 14"
  • Hand-wash

The fermentation crocks offer an airtight water well seal and an easy-drain to pour off extra liquid during this process.  The stones are placed inside the crock to press contents below the brine level. Fermenting in traditional fermentation crocks or pickling pots is the easiest, cleanest, and safest way to ferment your vegetables. These stoneware crocks, along with our pickle pots, storage crocks and bowls are also made of high quality stoneware from Boleslawiec, Poland.

Tag your photos with #pacificmerchants to show us what you're making in your fermentation crocks! We'll post the photos we love the most on our Facebook and Instagram.



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