Acacia Wood Round Dip and Nut Bowls, 4" Diameter by 1.5", Set of 6

Acacia Wood Round Dip and Nut Bowls, 4" Diameter by 1.5", Set of 6
Acacia Wood Round Dip and Nut Bowls, 4" Diameter by 1.5", Set of 6
Acacia Wood Round Dip and Nut Bowls, 4" Diameter by 1.5", Set of 6

Acacia Wood Round Dip and Nut Bowls, 4" Diameter by 1.5", Set of 6


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These acacia hardwood round nut & dipping bowls are an attractive yet functional way to serve meals at your family get-togethers or dinner parties.

These handcrafted Acaciaware® serveware products beautifully accent any dinner table or outdoors setting and complement a diverse array of foods such as salads and pastas. Whether you want to fill up your bowls with popcorn for movie night or serve some fresh vegetable recipes, your Acaciaware® bowls have you covered!

Despite its beauty, Acaciaware® is durable, low-maintenance and easy to care for—just hand-wash with warm soapy water and air-dry it between meals. As with any natural wood product, do not use it in a microwave or a dishwasher!

Acaciaware® is responsibly forested from well-managed forests in the Philippines under close supervision of the local government's reforestation program. If you take care of your Pacific Merchants Acaciaware® acacia wood salad bowls, you will enjoy them for years to come!

Pacific Merchants is an ecological, eco-friendly green company. We use clean, recycled cardboard packing material that lowers our carbon footprint and reduces the earth’s landfill. We offer a full line of hardwood dinnerware such as handcrafted wooden salad bowls, dipping bowls, serving trays, and utensils.

A beautiful, hand-turned Acacia wooden bowl by Pacific Merchants will look great on your dining room table brimming with fruit, salad, or a fine silk flower arrangement. Our acaciawood bowls are the essence of fine decoration and function. Displaying these Acacia Wood 4" nut and dipping bowls on your table speaks volumes about your sense of style and passion for dining. Whether your Acaciaware® bowls are functional or decorative, everyone can appreciate the unique look and feel of these natural solid hardwood bowls.

Acaciaware® by Pacific Merchants Trading Company is the original eco-friendly acacia hardwood, and is responsibly forested with care. Acacia wood is naturally resinous, resisting penetration by liquids and the hardwood will not stain or pick up odors. All of Pacific Merchants Acaciaware® acacia wood bowls are hand turned and our other acacia wood items like our acacia wood salad plates, pasta bowls or other acacia wood specialty items like baguette bread trays and dipping bowls are hand carved, giving each piece a unique grain and beautiful look. Pacific Merchants offers handcrafted wooden salad bowls, from large serving bowls to individuals salad bowls. We also offer a great selection of acacia wood bowl sets. Even our packing material is eco-friendly, made from recycled shredded cardboard boxes! Acaciaware® is easy care! Just hand wash with warm soapy water and air dry.

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