Mortar & Pestle, 4" x 4"

Mortar & Pestle, 4" x 4"


SKU: OW49008

You won't find mortar and pestles nicer than Pacific Merchants’ anywhere else on the market! It's important that a wooden mortar be made from the hardest wood available so it does not break while grinding or smashing your toughest ingredient. Pacific Merchants Olive wood Mortar and Pestle is tough enough for any task, yet beautiful enough to grace a kitchen table year-round. If you are a collector, also check out our Acacia Wood Mortar and Pestle!

French wood utensils and tools have a rich history and an important place in culinary culture. All our French wood spoons, tools, and spatulas are lovingly hand-crafted and imported from France, and thus are of the highest quality and beauty. Wood spoons will not discolor food, alter taste, conduct heat, or melt. Here at Pacific Merchants, we believe in the “Enduring Nature of Things Well Made,” and nature itself has provided a material in line with this belief. Olive wood is extremely strong and dense, with a tight grain that resists fraying edges. Cleaning is simple; wash with warm water and allow to air dry.

Pacific Merchants' Wood Cutting Boards and Paddles are great for offering a spread of appetizers. They work beautifully as both cutting boards and serving trays and are ideal for serving everything from flatbreads to sushi. The rustic look is great for serving gastropub style food and can easily be transported from kitchen to table. The wood will not stain or pick up odors and this natural wood board will not dull or damage knives. Pacific Merchants hardwood serveware, utensils, bowls, plates and dishes are the perfect solid wood tableware for homes and restaurants alike.

  • Fabricated to the highest level of quality and durability.
  • Food-safe finish and naturally resinous olive wood salad bowls, cheese paddles, cutting boards, and servers will resist penetration by liquids and will not pick up odors and stains.
  • Easy care: just hand wash with warm soapy water and air dry. Not dishwasher safe, as any natural wood product.
  • From sources who use responsible forestry practices.

Pacific Merchants is an ecological, eco-friendly green company!  We use clean, recycled cardboard packing material that lowers our carbon footprint and reduces the earth’s landfill.

Pacific Merchants also offers Teak wood versions of our Olive wood bowls, trays, and serving pieces. Equally durable and beautiful, teak wood kitchen utensils will add touches of golden, darker colors than olive.

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