Mason Cash Mixing Bowl, Size 24, 9.75" x 4.5" (3qts)

Mason Cash Mixing Bowl, Size 24, 9.75" x 4.5" (3qts)

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Our size 24 mixing bowl holds three quarts and measures 9.75 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide. This  mixing bowl is ideal for whipping up pancake batter, for serving pasta salad or fruit salad and even as a bread bowl. The size 24 Mason Cash also pairs well with our size 12 mixing bowl and our size six Mason Cash to form a mixing bowls set that is ideal for giving as a gift.

Mason Cash bowls are made of glazed stoneware, the ultimate material for mixing bowls! Stoneware pottery is heavy enough to remain still during manual mixing, leaving your hands free to work, not hold the bowl steady.  The traditional Mason Cash raised pattern helps to make the bowl seem lighter than it actually is, and its subtle relief enhances the bowl's timeless elegance. The classic pattern and embossed bowl lip make the bowl easier to grip firmly, even with wet hands. 

The Mason Cash bowls are sturdy and retain warmth better than steel or glass, making them ideal for making and serving temperature sensitive dishes. Your pasta and side dishes will stay warm longer, your ice cream will stay frozen longer!  The mixing bowls can be used in the oven (at low temperature) and microwave, and are freezer and dishwasher safe.

Mason Cash ceramic clay mixing bowls are made from 'white and cane' glazed earthenware sometimes known as 'yellow ware' from the color of the local clay. The design has hardly changed for over a hundred years, although the modern version has leadless glazes that conform with California Proposition 65, the strictest requirements in the country.

About Mason Cash

The English pottery that eventually became Mason Cash originates in the early nineteenth century in Church Gresley, a village in Derbyshire. It was known for Meashamware, a distinctive brown pottery that probably acquired its name because it was popular in the nearby Leicestershire village of Measham. The name 'Mason' comes from a Master Potter, "Bossy" Mason who was running the pottery at the time it was acquired by Tom Cash in 1901. Cash renamed the company Mason Cash & Co.

Cooking icons like Julia Child and Martha Stewart have regularly used Mason Cash mixing bowls and pudding basins. The Queen of England and British Royal Family rely on Mason Cash pudding basins and pudding bowls for Christmas pudding gifts. You can even see beautiful Mason Cahs bowls featured in the kitchen scenes of hit BBC  TV show Downton Abbey!

Mason Cash bowl sets represent a return to fundamentals: kitchen essentials crafted with pride, and meant to last a lifetime. Simplicity of design gives Mason Cash bowls and pudding basins a timeless beauty that is as at home in an upscale dining room as it is in a country kitchen.  Between the amazing quality and the practicality of these great bowls, each handcrafted Mason Cash piece is an heirloom that you can hand down to your children.


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