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National Ice Cream Month: Banana “Nice” Cream Recipe

Item shown: Dipping Bowl 4"

Peanut butter and plain banana ice cream. Item shown: Dipping Bowl 4″

It’s the quintessential summer staple. Cold. Creamy. Customizable. I’m talking about ice cream. From the humble ice cream truck you chased as a child (or adult, no judgment here) to decadent concoctions from the local parlor, it’s plain to see that ice cream is a crucial component of a happy, healthy life.

Wait, healthy?

Well, it depends. With National Ice Cream Month upon us, and therefore a valid reason to consume ice cream everyday during July, you might be trying to think of a way to fulfill your obligatory duty as an American citizen without harming your health (or waistline).

There’s no need to fret. Banana “nice” cream has become somewhat of a craze recently, and is a much healthier alternative to traditional dairy-based sugar-loaded ice cream. Here’s how you can make and customize your own beautiful bowl of this delicious treat.


  1. Frozen bananas

That’s it! Seriously.


  1. Peel and slice bananas into thin disks.
  2. Freeze.
  3. Blend thoroughly in a high-speed blender or food processor until you’ve reached a creamy consistency.
  4. Scoop into a bowl, or if you’re fancy and say “pudding” instead of “dessert,”one of these.
  5. To make different flavors, simply blend additional ingredients with the frozen bananas. Some of my favorite flavors are peanut butter, chocolate, orange, and matcha. Here are some other suggestions off the top of my head:
    – Vanilla (Add a few drops of vanilla extract)
    – Mango (Blend frozen bananas and mango together. Really, any fruit will work. Vibrant tropical fruit flavors look and taste especially good in a pineapple bowl)
    – Honey
    Depending on how frozen your bananas are, the consistency may be more like a soft-serve than traditional ice cream. Alternatively, you could blend the bananas and then freeze for 2-3 hours. There is a banana flavor, but if that’s not your cup of tea continue reading for banana-free ice cream recipes!

But first, a brief history lesson.

Although the exact origin of ice cream is a murky and feud-riddled topic (many nations claim to have invented it), the first documentation of ice cream in America appeared in 1744 when a Scottish colonist described “a Dessert…Among the Rarities of which is was Compos’d, was some fine Ice Cream which, with the Strawberries and Milk, eat most deliciously.”

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared July National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of July National Ice Cream Day.

Told you it was brief.

For those who like good ol’ fashioned vanilla and don’t have an ice-cream maker, this is the recipe you’ve been looking for!


Photo source: Zoom Yummy

Vegan? Izy Hossack of Top with Cinnamon has you covered. Her Chocolate Chia Ice Cream can be easily made vegan if you use a non-dairy milk. I can personally attest to the deliciousness of this ice cream. What’s more, chia seeds are loaded with nutrients. Healthy and delicious? It’s almost too good to be true.


Photo source: Top with Cinnamon

A hint of sea salt will make your taste buds go wild for Kitchen Treaty’s Sea Salt & Honey Ice Cream.


Photo source: Kitchen Treaty

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