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National Candy Month – Don’t Feel Guilty!

Who can complain about a month (yes a month) of consuming copious amounts of sugar that a diabetic would envy? Is it even possible to write about such a broad subject? No it’s not. So I am going to focus on M&Ms and Chocolate Kisses.

The obvious one to start with is M&Ms. Right off the bat you have regular and peanut. It’s a very simple choice though. Either pure chocolate or pure chocolate with a hint of healthy. You can justify eating M&Ms with peanuts as I believe it goes with every diet, even the Keto. Peanuts have those good fats, no?

Then there are plain M&Ms whereby you can take a handful, put them in your mouth all at once and just let them sit. They start to melt into a chocolate liquid reminding me of Willie Wonka, transforming little candies into a chocolate nectar for the gods.

Now let’s focus on kisses for a moment. First off they have an epic name. Secondly, the foil is fun and easy to remove. Third, Hershey’s chocolate in the form of a dollop is an efficient transfer of chocolate into the body. Try shoving as many as you can into your mouth at the same time and it will blow your mind. Trust me, I’ve tried it.

I really can’t see going further with this analysis. I poured both in our Ying-Yang bowl and there was an almost a natural balance, not to mention a reason for taking a photo that required me to purchase both. Can you say sugar high? Namaste.

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