Royal Wedding Craziness!! What to give the couple who has everything!

What to give the couple who has everything? Finding just the right wedding gift can be a royal conundrum, and while Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are to be married on April 29, have admirably asked well wishers to make donations to one of several causes they support, in lieu of gifts, we at Pacific Merchants still stubbornly wish to send a little something special to them in addition to our charitable contribution.  Having never purchased a gift for a prince of the realm, we conducted a little research into past royal wedding gifts. It certainly gave us food for thought…

Jewels seem to be a safe bet. Strands of pearls, diamond necklaces, ruby earrings and elaborate tiaras were bestowed on Queen Elizabeth II (then Princess Elizabeth) when she married Prince Philip in 1947. In turn, Queen Elizabeth gave Lady Diana Spencer a rather lovely pearl and diamond tiara when she married Prince Charles in 1984.
But maybe those gifts are too personal. What about a little something for the home?
China is ubiquitous, such as the two hundred piece Chinese porcelain dinner service President Chiang Kai Shek presented to Queen Elizabeth. But no, the freight charges on something like that would be frightful. Perhaps a small knick knack, like the three million dollar, gem-encrusted gold model of an Arab boat the Emir of Bahrain presented to the Prince and Princess of Wales in 1984. Wouldn’t that look smashing in the Balmoral curio cabinet!

But safe bets aren’t always the best bets, which is why we were intrigued by the idea of presenting the royal couple with a racehorse similar to the one the Aga Khan sent Queen Elizabeth, or perhaps something a bit boho chic, like the piece of crocheted cotton lace personally made for the self same monarch by Mahatma Gandhi – and which then Queen Mary mistook for a loin cloth! Loin cloth or not, how sick an antimacassar would that be for the royal Lazy-Boy recliner!
Beginning to feel overwhelmed by a plethora of potential presents, we turned to the larder for ideas. What about five hundred cases of tinned pineapple, such as the government of New Zealand sent to –yes, her again!- Queen Elizabeth II, or a 1000 lb. wheel of Cheddar cheese, just like the one Queen Victoria and Prince Albert logged as a wedding gift in 1840? You’re right of course, it’s probably still sitting in the royal kitchen.

And then it dawned on us. Kitchen. Of course! The best gift not only honors its recipient, but reflects the best of its giver. We at Pacific Merchants pride ourselves on our wide range of Mason Cash products: mixing bowls, pudding basins, kitchen accessories, and bakeware. Why not send the royal couple a set of our very own Mason Cash mixing bowls! The” Rolls Royce” of mixing bowls; they have been a kitchen fundamental in British homes for over two hundred years! (And did we mention that our Mason Cash pudding basins are given out as gifts by the British Royal Household to this very day!)

Indeed! A set of Mason Cash mixing bowls is just the thing: a family heirloom Will and Kate will no doubt hand down to the bevy of royal rascals they produce. Along with a tiara or two. Can’t make the royal wedding? Get a flair of Britain in your own home with Mason Cash pudding basins used by the Royal Household are wonderful as mixing bowls, cereal & ice cream. Design fits in both traditional and modern kitchens.

The Queen uses Mason Cash pudding basins for Christmas gifts of her secret pudding recipe!
Mason Cash Pudding Basin With Queen of Englan seal.

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