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Tea Pots and Infusers
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Modeled after the traditional English "Brown Betty" style teapot, Price & Kensington's selection of stoke pottery teapots are something no kitchen (or tea lover, for that matter) should be without. Available in 16 and 40 ounce sizes, these tea potsare durable and classic, and have been made the same way by Price & Kensington for nearly 100 years! One of the most popular features of Price & Kensington tea pots are the curved spouts that they feature, which prevent any unwanted dripping or spillage from happening once you've poured your cup of tea, helping to save you frustrating or stubborn stains on your tablecloths or counters.

Available in solid colors, Price & Kensington offers purple tea pots, vibrant red tea pots, orange tea pots, bright yellow tea pots, green tea pots, beautiful blue tea pots, traditional rockingham brown tea pots, cobalt blue tea pots and white tea pots so that no matter what colors you like you'll be able to find a corresponding tea pot that will match your decor beautifully.

For those looking for the perfect tea mug to go with their teapot, we have solid colored tea mugs that hold 10 ounces and measure four inches tall by three inches in diameter. Our yellow mugs, orange mugs, green mugs, blue mugs, red mugs, and purple mugs are very popular and also work well for coffee lovers.

Those who are interested in corresponding tea caddies are in luck, as we offer beautiful oversized tea caddies to match each color of tea pot that we sell individually, each measuring five inches by four inches and they are shaped like a miniature teapot. These tea caddies are the perfect place to rest your tea infuser, spoon, or tea bag.

Additionally, we offer tea sets in a rainbow of colors and in five piece and nine piece sizes, so that everyone can find the perfect tea set for their tastes. The teasets make an excellent gift for loved ones, and are an affordable yet high-quality gift that nearly anyone can enjoy.

Price & Kensington tea pots and tea mugs are top rack dishwasher safe, as well as microwave safe.